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Pubs Licensed To Sell Beer Only In 1939

Pubs Licensed to Sell Beer Only In 1939

Pub Address Owner Outcome Status
Adelaide Inn 2, Adelaide Street Plymouth Breweries Famous Firkin
Albert Inn Morley Place Ind Coope Demolished 1940
Albert Oak Inn 76, Ebrington Street Ind Coope
Allenby Arms Woolster Street Ind Coope Demolished
Antelope Inn 74, Union Street Plymouth Breweries Central Bar
Archer Inn 11, Archer Terrace Ash & Son Housing 2013 Where Are They Now - Archer Inn
Barley Sheaf King Street, Devonport Tivvy Demolished 1956
Artillery Arms 6, Pound Street Plymouth Breweries Artillery Arms
Ashley Arms Ashley Place Tivvy Blitzed 1939-1945
Baker’s Arms 44, Duke Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished
Blockhouse Inn Tavistock Road Ash & Son Blockhouse Inn
Bridge Inn 1, High Street Simonds Blitzed 1939-1945
Britannia Inn 18, Octagon Street Octagon Brewery Closed 2000’s? Britannia Inn
Builder’s Arms Gloucester Street Ind Coope Blitzed 1939-1945
Bull’s Head King Street Tivvy
Burton Boys Exeter Street Tivvy Demolished 1981
Cambridge Arms Cambridge Street Tivvy Demolished 1959
Cardiff Arms 32, Harwell Street Simonds Housing 2014 Town House
Caxton Inn King Street Heavitree Brewery Demolished 1956
Charlotte Street Ale Stores 32, Charlotte Street Tivvy Demolished 2012
Chester Cup 78, Union Street Simonds Central Bar
Coach Office Inn 3, Exeter Street Tivvy Blitzed 1939-1945
Commercial Inn 75, Lambhay Hill Ind Coope Housing 2014 Where Are They Now - Commercial Inn
Cornish Inn Well Street Ind Coope Demolished 1956
Crown & Sceptre Buckwell Street Pops Blitzed 1939-1945
Devon Inn Buckwell Octagon Brewery Blitzed 1939-1945
Druid’s Arms Russel Street Octagon Brewery Demolished 1949
Duchy of Cornwall 14, Anstis Street Ind Coope Duchy of Cornwall
Duke of Edinburgh Flora Street Free House Blitzed 1939-1945
Duke of Somerset 14, Wolsdon Street Ash & Son Duke of Somerset
Duke Street Inn 52, Duke Street Tivvy Demolished 1953
Empire Inn Cambridge Street Octagon Brewery Demolished
Fareham Inn 6, Sutton Road Ind Coope Fareham Inn
Flora Inn Flora Street Plymouth Breweries Blitzed 1939-1945
Forrester’s Arms 54, Duke Street Ash & Son Demolished 1953
Francis Arms 10, Francis Street Ind Coope Housing 2015 Francis Arms
Freemason’s Arms John Street Simonds Demolished 1958
Friendship Inn 1, Amity Place Plymouth Breweries Housing 2015 Friendship Inn
Galetea Inn King Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished 1958
Gas House Inn Keat Street Pops Blitzed 1939-1945
Grand Duchess 34, Gibbon Street Plymouth Breweries Fresher & Professor
Grapes Tavern Cecil Street Plymouth Breweries Blitzed 1939-1945
Grapes Tavern 38, Charlotte Street Simonds Three Ferrets
Impregnable 77, James Street Tivvy Demolished 1957
Keppel’s Head Inn Martin Terrace Heavitree Brewery Plymouth Breweries Lucifer's Warehouse
Kingsbridge Inn Richmond Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished 1956
London Inn Union Street Heavitree Brewery Blitzed 1939-1945
Maritime Inn 19, Southside Street Plymouth Breweries Maritime Inn
Masonic Inn Tavistock Road Tivvy
Mechanic’s Arms 36, George Street Tivvy Rock Salt Cafe & Brasserie
Millbay Inn Millbay Road Simonds Blitzed 1939-1945
Morley Inn Morley Street Ind Coope Morley Arms
Mowbray’s Railway Inn 25, Waterloo Street Octagon Brewery Flames Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
New Park Inn Camperdown Street Plymouth Breweries
No Name 61, Richmond Street Ind Coope Demolished 1957
Norley Arms 30, Ebrington Street Carr & Quick
Nowhere Inn 21, Gilwell Street Plymouth Breweries Nowhere Inn
Ocean Inn Cecil Street Tivvy
Old Cattle Market Market Place Tivvy Blitzed 1939-1945
Porter’s Arms 21-22, Looe Street Ind Coope Fler
Portland Inn James Street Ind Coope Demolished 1953
Prince Alfred Clarence Place Simonds Housing 1990’s? Where Are They Now - Prince Alfred
Prince Arthur William Street Tivvy Blitzed 1939-1945
Prince of Wales Frankfort Street Heavitree Brewery Blitzed 1939-1945
Providence Inn 20, Providence Street Ind Coope Providence
Pym Arms 16, Pym Street Ind Coope Housing 2005? Where Are They Now - Pym Arms, Devonport
Radnor Inn Radnor Street Tivvy Housing 1995
First & Last Exeter Street Octagon Brewery Fuel
Royal Navy Arms Johnston Terrace Plymouth Breweries Royal Naval Arms
Russell Arms Russell Street Tivvy Demolished 1949
Ship Inn Millbay Road Octagon Brewery Demolished 1960
Somerset Arms 231, North Road Plymouth Breweries Somerset Arms
St Levan Inn 251, St Levan Road Ind Coope St Levan Inn
Star of the West 7, Brownlow Street Ind Coope Demolished 2000’s
Steam Reserve 5-6 William Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished 1956
Stoker’s Arms Granby Street Free House Blitzed 1939-1945
Stonehouse Tavern Union Street Tivvy
Stonemason’s Arms Albert Road Ind Coope Housing 2015
Sugar Refinery Saltash Street Plymouth Breweries
Thistle Park Inn 1, Sutton Road Tivvy Thistle Park Tavern
Union Inn Drake Street Ind Coope Blitzed 1939-1945
United Services Inn Garrison Street Plymouth Breweries
Valletort Inn 1, Claremont Street Free House
Victory Inn Gloucester Street Tivvy Demolished
Volunteer Inn Chapel Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished 1958
Volunteer Inn Notte Street Ind Coope Blitzed 1939-1945
Waterloo Inn 30, Waterloo Street Octagon Brewery Ash & Son Waterloo Inn
Welcome Inn Richmond Street Octagon Brewery Demolished 1956
Wheatsheaf Inn Garden Street Plymouth Breweries Demolished 1953
White Swan Inn George Street Tivvy
Wolsdon Inn Wolsdon Street Blundell’s
Woodman Inn King Street Ind Coope Demolished 1957
Wyndham Inn Wyndham Place Plymouth Breweries Closed 2010 Where Are They Now - Wyndham Inn
York Inn Keppell Street Ind Coope Demolished