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Pre WWII Plymouth

The following links list all those premises in the Three Towns of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse fully-licensed to sell beer, wines and spirits; those licensed to sell beer and wine only; and those licensed to sell beer only, in 1939. Where the information states "Blitzed 1941", assume it was damaged between 1939 and 1945. Please also note that a number of pubs that were damaged during WWII were demolished and then rebuilt completely, the first of which was the Ford Hotel on 12 August 1954.

We have attempted to show who we believe owned the pubs in 1939, which were mainly breweries at that time. The outcome indicates major happenings at that pub, including WWII damage, demolition and conversion to other use, with year dates where possible. The Status column provides a link to the pub today with its' correct address.

Please remember that the city has undergone a lot of redevelopment, and some streets have been renumbered or changed names, or no longer exist. Every effort has been made to update addresses where the pub still exists today, but we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies.

Where a column is blank, please feel free to email ku.gro.armac.htuomylp@retsambew with any information in order to help us to fill the gaps.

Please note that "Tivvy" refers to Starkey, Knight and Ford, of Bridgewater, and Tiverton; "Pops" refers to Popplestone and Co, of Plymouth; "Ash & Son" refers to the Wine Merchants, of Devonport.

Licensed Public Houses in 1939

Pubs Holding A Full Public House License In 1939

Pubs Licensed To Sell Wine and Beer Only 1939

Pubs Licensed To Sell Beer Only In 1939


Please click on the links below to view details about defunct breweries of Devon - breweries that brewed and sold beer commercially at some point in the past - or our pub name archive, where we have attempted to list every known pub name used in Plymouth CAMRA branch area.

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