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Bristol and Gloucestershire Brewery Archive

The following is a list of defunct breweries in Bristol and Gloucestershire which we believe to have been in existence at some point. Where possible, the closure year has been given, although this may have been lost in the fullness of time, as memories fade and accurate information may have been lost.

If you have any corrections or omissions, please email ku.gro.armac.nosiailyrewerb@rotanidrooc.tsewhtuos

A large number of CAMRA publications have been used in this compilation, including “Where Have All The Breweries Gone?” (1980), “Devon Real Ale Guide” (1990), “Moor To Sea – A Deon Real Ale Guide” (1993) and the “Good Beer Guide” (various years).

This page was last updated on 18 April 2024.


Eagles Bush, Salutation Inn, Ham, GL13 9QH. The plant was first used in November 2004, based at The Borough Arms, New Henry Street, Neath. A small test plant was initially used, however by spring 2005 a ¾ barrel plant was in use. Brewing ceased there in about June 2004 with the plant moving to it's new location by summer 2005. The current brew plant at the Salutation Inn is 2.5-barrels and they are now trading as Tiley’s.


Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd, Bedminster. Registered in 1865 to acquire the business of the late Thomas Baynton. The name was changed to Hardwick & Co Ltd in 1868, and back to the original in 1883. It was taken over by Bristol Breweries (Georges) & Co Ltd in 1931 and closed.

Avon, Unit 4, Russell Town Avenue Industrial Centre, Russell Town Avenue, BS5 9LT. Avon began brewing in 2008 on an eight-barrel plant, producing three regular ales. Around 12 outlets were regularly supplied direct. All brewing had ceased by October 2011.

Bell (Bristol) Brewery Co Ltd, Bell Inn, 1 Gloucester Lane. Registered in May 1908 to acquire the brewery carried on by WH Winstone. They went into voluntary liquidation on 1st Mat 1923.

Big Beer Brewing, 31, King Street, BS1 4DZ. This is the name of a drinks distribution company, run by the Small Bar guys in Bristol. It hasn't ever, and never intended, to actually brew beer. The Left Handed Giant is the actual brewing company which has evolved out of the same people previously mentioned, brewing three core beers on their own 200L plant.

Bolthole, 2A, Shipley Road, Westbury On Trym, BS9 3HS. Set up in 2015 and running from the owner's premises in North Bristol. Despite the small scale, a range of 5 beers were regularly produced, with occasional specials, usually for the Christmas period. Most of the production was bottled (all bottle-conditioned) and sold at local farmers' markets. All brewing has ceased by May 2018.

Bond’s (Bristol) Brewery Ltd, Redcross Brewery, Redcross Street. The brewery was closed in 1904, and was bought by the Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd in 1911.

Bristol Breweries (Georges) & Co Ltd, Old Porter Brewery, Bath Street. Founded in 1788. Taken over by Courage, Barclay & Co Ltd, of London, in 1961. See below for details.

Bristol United Breweries Ltd, Lewins Mead Brewery. Registered on 24th July 1889 to take over: Bowley & Bristow; St Paul’s Brewery; Bishop & Butt Ltd; Redcliffe Mead Brewery; JH Lockley & Sons; Lewins Mead Brewery; and M Reynolds & Co. Taken over by Bristol Breweries (Georges) & Co Ltd in 1956 with about 600 licensed houses. The premises were used as a sugar factory until 1966.

Castle & Ball Brewery Ltd, Lower Castle Street. Registered in 1902. Offered for auction in 1920 and was wound up in 1921.

Michael Clune, Old Market Brewery, Old Market Street. Taken over by the Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd in May 1911.

Crane Beer, Unit 4, Lawrence Hill Industrial Park, Croydon St, BS5 0EB. Crane began brewing in 2014, inspired by Bristol's industrial and maritime heritage, which was reflected in the brewery's name and beer range. All beers are unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised, available as cask, RAIB and keg. Brewing was suspended in June 2017, and did not recommence.

Croft Ales, 32 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2 8QN. Croft began brewing in 2017 in a former faggot factory in Bristol's vibrant Stokes Croft area, from which the brewery took its name. The brewery also served as a taproom, which used to hold regular tasting events and launches of its seasonal ales, often accompanied by DJs and pop-up food vendors. Sadly, all brewing had ceased by mid-2021. Up to six regular cask ales were brewed. However, in better news, the premises have now been taken over by Basement Beer who are still trading today (dated August 2021).

Dawkins, Unit 2, Lawnwood Industrial Units, Lawnwood Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0EF. The established Dawkins Taverns group of five independent Bristol pubs bought the Somerset-based Matthews Brewery in 2009. New premises in Easton, Bristol, opened in 2015 with a 20-barrel plant. A sister company was set up in Edinburgh in 2017, reviving the long-defunct Steel Coulson brewing name for three bars in Leith, Edinburgh. Sadly, they announced on local media and social media that they ceased all brewing operations wef Saturday 13 May 2023. Glen Dawkins cited “the overwhelming headwinds of spiralling costs alongside post Covid recovery” in a social media statement. They will continue to run their five Dawkins Taverns pubs in Bristol and the three Steel Coulson pubs in Edinburgh.

Fishponds, 539 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3AF. Brewing began in August 2018 at the family-run pub, the Star, where brothers Eimhin and Cillian looked after the brewery while their father, Eimear, ran the attached pub. Three regular core beers were brewed until they were believed to be having new brew plant installed in late 2019. It has never been confirmed that they recommenced brewing commercially following this installation. No further known news.

Robert Heal Goodenough, 34 Paul Street, Kingsdown. Taken over by Fussell & Sons Ltd, of Rode, Somerset in December 1929 with one licensed house. Little Giant, Unit 3, Stoke View Business Park, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3AE. This microbrewery was established in the Fishponds area of Bristol in 2017. Its fully programmable, 600-litre brew plant was commissioned in 2018. Its parent company Reyam Ltd manufacture these microbreweries. Six core beers were produced, along with occasional one-off specials. Regular beers included Fe (5.0%), Fi (4.1%) and Fo (4.1%). Sadly, the forced closure during the pandemic of 2020 did not see them return to brewing.

Keynsham, Brookleaze, Stockwood Vale, Keynsham, BS31 2AL. Started brewing in August 2005. The 10-barrel plant was formerly used by Nursery. They brewed four cask conditioned ales. The brewery closed in 2008 and the plant was sold to Prescott Ales, who were taken over by Hanlons in 2019.

Little Giant, Unit 3, Stoke View Business Park, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3AE. This microbrewery was established in the Fishponds area of Bristol in 2017. Its fully programmable, 600-litre brew plant was commissioned in 2018. Its parent company Reyam Ltd manufacture these microbreweries. Six core beers were produced, along with occasional one-off specials. Regular beers included Fe (5.0%), Fi (4.1%) and Fo (4.1%). Sadly, the forced closure during the pandemic of 2020 did not see them return to brewing.

RW Miller & Co Ltd, 48 Stokes Croft. Registered on 23rd July 1894. Taken over by Bristol Breweries (Georges) Co Ltd in 1911.

Newtown Park, Unit 9, Wadehurst Industrial Park, St Philips Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0JE. Established by a small group of friends in 2020 and produced a range of canned beers that reflected a diversity of taste and flavours. That included All Day Long (ABV 3.0% session pale ale) up to After Hours (ABV 9.6% strong stout). However, they ceased brewing in December 2022, citing “huge utility price increases”, although their Tap Room continues trading.

John Payne, Smiles Brewery, Colston Yard. Commenced brewing in 1977 for his own restaurant, but then sold into the licensed trade. See Smiles below.

WJ Rogers Ltd, Jacob Street. Founded in 1845. Taken over by Simmonds, of Reading, in 1935 and brewing ceased in 1952.

Smiles, Colston Street, BS1 5BD. Brewing started in 1978. A management buyout in 1991 resulted in the company rapidly expanding to own 17 pubs. Most of those pubs were sold, as the business once more concentrated on brewing. The brewing equipment was removed from the old Brewery Tap, which is now owned by Butcombe. The company was taken over again in late 2003, and underwent a restructuring late in 2004. This resulted in brewing being contracted out, by the new Smiles Brewing Co Ltd, to Highgate and Walsall Brewing Co in 2010. Highgate also brewed Dark Mild for Molson Coors, under contract. However, brewing at Highgate had ceased by January 2015.

Daniel Sykes & Co Ltd, Redcliffe Brewery, 107 Redcliffe Street. Merged with Bristol United Breweries Ltd in 1897 and was closed in 1898.

Towles’, Unit 11, Circuit 32, Easton Road, Easton, BS5 0DB. Towles’ used a 10-barrel brewery, built in the tower style, and run by Andrew and Anna Towle. They purchased Berrow Brewery in 2011 and brewing commenced on the site in Easton in 2012. The Berrow beers continued to be brewed, along with their own beers, making ten in total. The brewery included a shop and tasting room. Bottle conditioned beer was also available. All brewing had ceased by March 2015

T & J Usher & Co Ltd, New City Brewery, River Street, Horfield Road. Registered in 1896. A new brewery was built in 1901. Taken over by WJ Rogers Ltd in 1922 with about 22 licensed houses. The brew plant was offered for sale in February 1923.


GT Combe, Brockhampton Brewery. Taken over by the Showell’s Brewery Co Ltd in 1921.


Battledown, Coxhorne Farm, London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL52 6UY. A family brewery since 2005, they brewed a range of ales, lager and craft beers on its new 13-hectolitre plant which was installed in 2020. The brewery was supplied by spring water from the Cotswold hills, which are located behind the brewery. Sadly, all brewing had ceased by Christmas 2023 and the plant has been offered For Sale (April 2024).

Benjamin Combe, Grafton Brewery. Merged with the Nailsworth Brewing Co Ltd in 1899.

Cotswold Lion, Coxhorne Farm, London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL52 6UY. A family brewery since 2005, they brewed a range of ales, lager and craft beers on its new 13-hectolitre plant which was installed in 2020. The brewery was supplied by spring water from the Cotswold hills, which are located behind the brewery. Sadly, all brewing had ceased by Christmas 2023 on the retirement of the owner.

Festival, Unit 17, Malmesbury Road, Kingsditch Trading Estate, GL51 9PL. Festival was established in 2007 on a 10-barrel plant. 220 outlets were supplied direct at its’ height. A core range of three regular beers and several seasonal beers were brewed. All brewing had ceased by January 2013.

Prescott Ales LLP, Unit 17, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Evesham Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 5BX. Established in 2008, the brewery took its name from the famous Prescott Hill Climb, also home of the UK Bugatti Owners Club. Four core beers, and a number of seasonal ales, were brewed on site, all named on a motor car racing theme. The brewery was acquired by Devon-based Hanlons Brewery, of Devon, in 2019. It is believed that the brewery was closed during the covid lockdowns of 2020/2021. All beers are now brewed at Hanlons, of Half Moon, Newton St Cyres, Devon and are still available.

Stibbs & Co, Albion Steam Brewery, Albion Street. Taken over by the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in 1898.

West Country Breweries Ltd, 256 High Street. Incorporated on 15th April 1888 as the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd to acquire the business of TJ Agg-Gardner, founded in 1760. Name changed to Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries Ltd in 1945, when the Hereford and Tredegar Brewery Ltd was taken over, and was later changed to Cheltenham Brewery Holdings Ltd. It merged with the Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1958 to form West Country Breweries Ltd, controlling 1 275 tied houses. It was then taken over by Whitbread & Co Ltd in 1963, and then Whitbread Flowers Ltd.

Chipping Campden

Yubberton, Ebrington Arms, Chipping Camdon, Gloucestershire GL55 6NH. Yubberton was established in late 2013 by the Ebrington Arms licensees, Claire and Jim Alexander, who wanted to stock something in their pub which was not available elsewhere. All three cask conditioned beers were contract-brewed by several local breweries over the years, including North Cotswold and Stroud breweries. Extremely difficult trading conditions led to the pub closing in 2020. However, the pub is now trading again (February 2022).


Freeminer, Whimsey Road, Steam Mills, GL14 3JA, Founded by Don Burgess in 1992, Freeminer - previously Freeminer Brewery - changed hands in 2006, but Don Burgess remained in post. Bottle-conditioned beers were available (brewed for the Co-op). Co-op beers were brewed with barley grown on Co-op farms and malted at Warminster. Fairtrade and organic beers were also produced, with limited edition cask versions available for Fairtrade fortnight. However, all brewing had ceased by August 2016.


Ciren Ales, Twelve Bells, 12 Lewis Lane, GL7 1EA. A microbrewery at the rear of the Twelve Bells pub in Cirencester. The brewer was the owner Steve and brewing commenced in 2012. Steve sold the brewery in 2016, but bought it back in 2017. There was one regular ale, and five seasonal beers. Following conversion to residential/holiday lets, the brewery ceased production in August 2019.

Cirencester Brewery Ltd, Cricklade Road. Taken over by Simmonds, of Reading, in June 1937 and was closed. Most of the site has been demolished.

Force, Unit 2, Global Business Park, Wilkinson Road, GL7 1YZ. Force Brewery was established in 2014 using a four-barrel gravity-fed brew plant. Only bottle-conditioned beers were produced. The brewery closed in November 2018 and all the plant has been sold off. However, a comment on the website suggested that it may be resurrected, in some form, at some point in the future.

TAP, Marsden Estate, Rendcomb, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 7EX. Microbrewery established near Cirencester in 2015. They sourced materials and services locally, with malt from Warminster, hops from Worcester and their labels were produced in Cirencester. Twelve local pubs were regularly supplied. Three core ales were available in cask and bottle conditioned format, with occasional seasonal beers also brewed.


LC Arkell, Donnington Brewery. Founded in 1865. The brewery was an old water mill. No further information held.


TW Elvy, Dursley Brewery Co. Went bankrupt in 1906 and the brewery sold to Marshell & Elvert Ltd, distillers. Their 21 tied houses were sold to Godsell and Sons, of Stroud, in 1907.

Severn Vale, Woodend Lane, Cam, Dursley GL11 5HS. Severn Vale started brewing in 2005 in an old milking parlour using a new five-barrel plant. Warminster malted barley was used, and mainly Herefordshire hops. Around 80 outlets were supplied. Seasonal beers are also available. Severn Vale amalgamated with Cotswold Spring to form a new company, Combined Brewers. in 2015. After a short period of closure, this company was bought by drinks distributor, Foxstead Ltd, in 2017, but the company Severn entered voluntary liquidation in March 2023.


Black Dog Inn Brewery, Northgate Street. Sold to Stroud Brewery Co Ltd, of Stroud, for £4 800.00 in 1909.

HV Harton & Co, Northgate Brewery, George Street. Taken over by Ind Coope Ltd in 1896.

Hawthorne Brewery, Norfolk House Hotel, Bristol Road. Brew pub established in 1979. No further information held.


Halfpenny Brewery Ltd, Crown Inn, High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3AE. Halfpenny was established in 2008 on a four-barrel plant at the Crown Inn, Lechlade, and was visible in a glazed outbuilding. It then expanded to a third fermentation vessel. Five beers were brewed in cask, mainly for the pub and the Swan at Radcot. Four were also available in bottle. The Crown Inn did not reopen after the first covid Lockdown of 2020, and we do not know any further details of brewing intentions.


Hillside Brewery, Holly Bush Farm, Ross Road, Longhope GL17 0NG. Hillside commenced brewing in 2011 using a six-barrel plant located in a reconstructed dairy farm. A 60m bore hole produced water rich in minerals ideally suited for brewing beer. A core range of five regular beers were available in cask and bottle and were supplemented by limited-run specials throughout the year. Sadly, the brewery did not recover from the covid pandemic of 2020 and the brew plant was sold off in 2021. It is believed that the events side of the business has continued to operate.


Terrace, Sandford Terrace, Aylburton, GL15 6DW. The brewery, in the shed in the brewer's garden, started in February 2012 producing just bottled beers from a half barrel plant. The range increased to six beers and were available in local farm shops. All brewing had ceased by February 2017


Beer Bores, Pixtons Green, Ashwicke, Near Marshfield SN14 8AL. May be North West Wilts branch/county? Mark Hempleman-Adams, Paul Clarke-Dabson and Marshall Ewart established Box Steam Brewery in 2004, before selling the business in 2007. However, Mark and Paul missed brewing so much that they set up a three-barrel microbrewery in late 2015. Five beers were produced regularly, but they had plans in place to distil their own West Country gin. All brewing had ceased by January 2020.


George Playne & Sons, Forwood Brewery. Taken over by the Stroud Brewery Co Ltd, of Stroud, in 1897, with 40 tied houses.


Wintle’s Brewery Ltd, Forest Steam Brewery. The brewery was built in 1871. Offered for auction in March 1923, but was withdrawn at £17 500 and a new company registered in September 1923. Taken over by the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in March 1930 with about 70 tied houses.


Hetty Pegler, Village Inn, Bath Road, GL6 0HH. After a break of 96 years, brewing returned to Nailsworth in 2004 at the Village Inn, under the name Nailsworth Brewery. Hetty Pegler Brewery began in 2010 and was based at the same location, but operated on a separate 2.5-barrel plant upstairs. Seasonal beers were also available and bottle-conditioned beers planned. However, Hetty Pegler had ceased by November 2011. The pub and Nailsworth Brewery were sold in 2016 to Paul Sugden and Adam Pavey, who changed the brewery name from Nailsworth to Keep Brewing, and are still brewing today (March 2020). Expansion is being considered.

Nailsworth Brewery Co Ltd, registered in August 1889 and acquired the business of Clissold & Sons, who were formed in c1800. Amalgamated with Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in 1908, and was closed.


Taylor & Co, Cotswold Brewery. Taken over by the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in 1919 with 14 tied houses.


Oliver Arthur Burgham, founded in 1825. Taken over by Ind Coope Ltd in 1923 with 22 tied houses.

Stow On The Wold

AB Green, Stow Brewery. Taken over by the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in 1914.


Big River, Building 1A, Aston Down Business Park, Stroud, GL6 8GA, Gloucestershire. Formed in 2018, using spare capacity at the now closed Ciren Ales, in Cirencester. Three core beers were regularly brewed, all of which were brewed with a gluten-reducing enzyme. The brewery relocated to Stroud in 2019 and brewed their beer on the Artisan Ales plant. Due to family reasons, owner Laith Clark decided to cease brewing in March 2022.

Carpenter Ltd, Cainscross. Registered in 1904, offered for auction in 1926.

Cordwell & Sons, Hamwell Leaze Brewery, Cainscross. Bankrupt in 1907, but a new company was formed. It supplied the free trade only, in the area between Tewkesbury and Bristol. Brewing ceased in 1940/1941 due to staff being called up, and the shortage of free trade outlets. They did continue to operate as bottlers and agents for Watney’s until the business was closed in 1957.

Godsell & Sons Ltd, Salmon Spring Brewery. Registered in 1905. Taken over by the Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1928. The brewery was demolished in 1936 and a mineral water and beer bottling plant was built on the site. The site was latterly used as a Whitbread Flowers depot.

Smith & Son Ltd, Brinscombe. Offered for auction in September 1915 with 22 public houses. The public houses raised over £18 000.00, but the brewery didn’t sell.

Stroud Brewery Co Ltd, Rowcroft. Founded in 1760 as Watts, Halliwell & Co. They had over 640 tied houses. They merged with Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries Ltd in 1958 to form West Country Breweries Limited. the site was used as a Whitbread Flowersdepot until 1969, and demolished a year later in 1970.


N & W Cook, Hampton Street. Founded in 1800. Taken over by the Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1913 with 33 licensed houses.

Warn & Sons Ltd, Barton & Dolphin Breweries, Church Street. Founded in 1776 by William Warn. Taken over by Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1930.

Thomas H Witchell, Dolphin Brewery, Church Street. Founded in 1820, but was taken over by Warn & Sons Ltd, as above, in 1903. The building may still be standing today.


Bayliss & Merrell, The Distillery. Founded in 1750. Offered for auction on 27th April 1921 with 2 licensed houses, the Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury, and the Seven Stars, Upton On Severn.

Tewkesbury Brewery Co Ltd, Original Brewery, High Street. Registered in 1890. Taken over by Arnold, Perrett & Co Ltd and was dissolved in May 1893.


John Arnold & Sons, High Street. Founded in 1877. Taken over by Bristol Breweries (Georges) Co Ltd in December 1917 with 40 licensed houses, and was closed.

Arnold, Perrett & Co Ltd, founded in 1820. Registered in June 1886 to acquire the businesses of Arnold & Co and E & B Trimmer, of Gloucester. The named was changed as above in 1887 when H & A Perrett, of Wotton-Under-Edge, was acquired. 40 public houses were sold to Bristol Breweries (Georges) Co Ltd in 1917. Merged with Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd in 1924. The brewery was used as a cider factory until 1969/1970?

Home County, The Old Brewery, Wickwar Trading Estate, Station Road, GL12 8NB. No other information is held.

Moles, Old Brewery Station Road, GL12 8NB. Moles was established in 1982 by former Ushers brewer, Roger Catte, using his nickname for the brewery. Ten pubs were owned, all of which served cask conditioned ale, and a further 200 outlets were supplied direct. The brewery and beer brands were acquired by Wickwar Wessex Brewing Co, who are still trading today (March 2020), in mid-2017.

Wotton Under Edge

Coombe Valley Brewery Co Ltd, registered in 1905 to acquire the business carried on by AJP Annesley and JHS Annesley. The Receiver was appointed in March 1908.

Severn Brewing Limited, The Brewery, Tortworth Business Park, Tortworth, Wooton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 8HQ. The brewery, the result of a merger between Cotswold Spring and Severn Vale (see entry above at Dursley) in 2015, was known as Combined Brewers. It was then purchased by Foxstead Ltd, a drinks distribution company. A range of eleven beers were brewed using a 30-barrel plant, with a five-barrel plant for experimental brews and small batches. They were branded either Severn or Cotswold Spring. The brewery entered voluntary liquidation on 6th March 2023.


Rocket Science Craft Ales, 73 Firgrove Crescent, BS37 7AJ. Nanobrewery started 2013, only producing bottled ales. All eight beers produced were bottle-conditioned, and ranged in style from IPAs to a witbier and hefeweizen. The brewery closed down by July 2018, as the owner Richard Poole moved to be head brewer for Left Handed Giant.

Other Selected Brewing Companies, out of Bristol & Gloucestershire

Starkey, Knight & Ford Ltd, 54 High Street, Bridgewater, Somerset, and at Tiverton. Registered in November 1887 as Starkey, Knight & Co Ltd, and changed to the above in April 1895 when Thomas Ford & Son, of Tiverton, were acquired. Pubs in the Plymouth area were adorned with "Tivvy Beers" and a black horse on the outside of the pub. Taken over by Whitbread & Co Ltd in December 1962, with 400 tied houses. The business was merged with Norman & Pring Ltd, of Exeter, in 1964.

Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd, Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffs. Allsopp’s was founded in 1709, registered in February 1887, and merged with Ind Coope Ltd in 1934 to form Ind Coope & Allsopp’s Ltd. Formed Allied Breweries in 1961 after merger with Ansell’s Brewery Ltd and Tetley Walker.

Ind Coope Ltd, High Street, Burton-Upon-Trent, and Star Brewery, Romford, Essex. The company was founded at Romford in 1708, with the Burton brewery being established in 1856. It was registered in November 1886, and merged with Allsopps in 1934, and then Ansell’s and Tetley Walker in 1961 to form Allied Breweries.

Allied Breweries, 107 Station Street, Burton-Upon-Trent. Established in 1961 after the merger of Ind Coope & Allsopp’s, Ansells and Tetley Walker, and operated a small number of pubs in the Plymouth area under the name of Halls, who owned the Plympton Brewery, Furguson’s, in Valley Road, Plympton.

H & G Simonds Ltd, founded in 1774 at Broad Street, Reading, moved to Bridge Street in 1790. Taken over by Courage, Barclay & Co Ltd, of London, in 1960. Brewing ceased in 1979.

Courage & Co Ltd, Anchor Brewery, Horselydown, Bermondsey, SE1. The brewery was acquired by John Courage in 1787. They merged with Barclay, Perkins & Co Ltd in 1955 to form Courage, Barclay & Co Ltd. Taken over by Imperial Tobacco Co in August 1972.

Courage Ltd, Bristol Brewery, Bath Street, Bristol. The former George’s Brewery was the only Courage brewery in the south of England brewing cask ales by 1992, following the closure of breweries in London, Reading and Plymouth, and the sale of Ushers, of Trowbridge, with a management buyout.

Usher’s Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, Parade House, Trowbridge. Founded in 1824, registered in April 1889. Also brewed at the Sovereign Brewery, Bayswater, London, from 1890 until after 1919, when the relocated to Church Road, Paddington. This brewery was damaged by bombing, and the site sold in 1946. Merged with Watney Mann Ltd in May 1960, and re-named Usher’s Brewery Ltd in 1964.

Whitbread & Co Ltd, Chiswell Street, London EC1. Founded in 1742 and registered in July 1889. A new brewery was built in Luton in 1969, but brewing ceased here in 1975. Most real ales were brewed at the Cheltenham brewery (West Country Breweries below.

Flowers & Sons Ltd, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. It was founded in 1831 and registered in February 1888. It was taken over by JW Green, of Luton, in 1954, who changed the name to Flowers & Sons Ltd. It was closed in 1968, when Whitbread merged Flowers with West Country Breweries, to form Whitbread Flowers Ltd.

West Country Breweries, 256 High Street, Cheltenham. Initially incorporated on 15th April 1888 as the Cheltenham Original Brewing Co Ltd, to acquire the business of JT Agg-Gardner, which was founded in 1760. The name was changed to the Cheltenham & Hereford Brewery Ltd in 1945, when the Hereford & Tredegar Brewery Ltd was taken over. The name was later changed to Cheltenham Brewery Holdings Ltd. They then merged again, with Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1958, to form West Country Breweries, with 1275 licensed houses. Finally, in 1963, they were taken over by Whitbread & Co Ltd, forming Whitbread Flowers Ltd.

JA Devenish & Co Ltd, 15 Trinity Street, Weymouth, and Redruth, Cornwall. Founded in 1742, and had 390 tied houses, with the Redruth plant trading under the name Cornish Brewery Company.Brewing took place at both sites until 1985, when the Weymouth site closed. Brewing continued in Redruth until 2004.

Watney, 91 Brick Lane, London. This was the brewing arm of the food, drinks and retailing group, Grand Metropolitan PLC. Most of their estate traded under the name Usher’s, until the Usher’s management buyout of 1992 brought Usher’s out of this large conglomerate.

William Hancock & Sons (Wiveliscombe) Ltd, Wiveliscombe, Somerset. Registered in 1896, and merged with Arnold & Sons Ltd, of Taunton, in 1927, forming Arnold & Hancock Ltd. Taken over by Usher’s Wiltshire Brewery in 1955. It may be in farm use today (2018).

Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd, 137 High Street, Burton-Upon-Trent. It was founded in 1777 and registered in January 1880. Further merged with Bass, Mitchell’s & Butler, then Bass Charrington PLC, of 30 Portland Place, London, who were once the country’s largest brewer, and owned over 7 000 pubs.