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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, pubs were classed as non-essential businesses and were forced to close from Friday 20th March until Saturday 4th July 2020. Government issued guidelines for businesses for them to reopen. This article is not official Government policy, as that is liable to change, often at short notice.

As each and every pub building is different, how they are implemented will be slightly different, but the following is shown to indicate what two pubs have done.

In all cases, each pub must collect contact details for every group of people who visit (keeping to Government policy if/when it changes).

Most venues will also have the NHS Covid-19 QR code for customers to scan if they have the App, in order to assist in Test & Trace. Several codes are generally displayed within the pub at various points to avoid close contact with others, as shown in the photo to the left by the arrow.

The Fortescue Hotel, Mutley Plain, has introduced plenty of new signage by the entry door/area, with hand sanitising stations at the door, and around the pub inside. There is a one-way system throughout the pub, and an arm-operated traffic light system for the rest rooms.

The photo on the left was taken in August 2020 when it was permitted to order beer at the bar; since then, drinks must be ordered via table service. However, this is the second new Covid sign (the first one is by the front door). The new bar screen can be seen in the photograph on the right, and is indicated by the arrow just in case you can’t! The rest of the bar area must be kept clear at all times, but the bar doesn’t have screens.

The next hand sanitising station, following the one at the front door, is located on the wall by the bar, again indicated by the arrow in the photograph to the left. There are several more placed throughout the open public rooms. Due to the pub layout prior to Covid-19, tables are already separated with screens.

The Ferry House Inn, Wolseley Road, Saltash Passage, is slightly different. Here on the left, you can see the hand sanitiser at the entry door, along with some temporary door signs.

On entering the bar area, large screens have been erected along the whole of the bar area, as shown on the left and right, thus protecting both bar staff and customers.

There are still plenty of separate seating areas, of varying sizes of tables and chairs, as shown in the photo on the left. Hand sanitising stations are situated around the pub, as shown on the right.